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Small businesses: turn showrooming into sales

Many small retailers have a clientele who are loyal. These repeat customers would inform the store owner or manager if they were seeing competitive prices that might tempt them to shop elsewhere. However, if you, as a retailer, are wondering … Continue reading

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Majority of U.S. QR code scanners earn $100K+ and younger

14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011  Newspapers/Magazines and Product Packaging Most Likely Source of QR Code  QR Code Users Most Likely to Scan Code while at Home or Store More than half of … Continue reading

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Is it REALLY Digital vs. Print?

As The Blade’s digital products manager, one of my goals is to enhance our advertising customers’reach through developing new digital products. However, it seems that whenever I research, print comes out ahead. Thankfully, QR Codes are both digital AND print. … Continue reading

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QR Codes in use for The Blade’s Mobile apps house ad

            A good example of a QR Code in an economical ad position is this house ad on toledoblade.com for The Blade’s iPhone and iPad apps. Care has to be taken to ensure that because … Continue reading

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QR Codes in newsprint need supervision

 QR Codes are all the rage. The Blade uses them on many of our news, arts and entertainment stories. For example, movie reviews now include a QR Code that takes our Blade audience (used to be ‘readers’) to the movie … Continue reading

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