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Vehicle buyers want mobile ads and apps

Almost 70% of prospective car purchasers want to use mobile devices to investigate vehicles. Auto dealers in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan are using mobile technology to market their inventories. These dealers know that Sunday lot visitors are likely carrying … Continue reading

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Disconnected – Businesses and smart phone users

Disconnect                     Obviously, there is some disconnect between a few ad agencies and/or many advertisers with the more than 36% of the population who use smartphones. For some strange reason, many … Continue reading

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Mobile App Usage Begins to Far Outpace the Web Thanks to Facebook

A colleague and I were discussing that The Blade’s iPad app views grew after the holidays. We agreed that a fairly large number of people received iPads as gifts. That conversation morphed into an “obviously mobile is growing faster than … Continue reading

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Small business study: Facebook and Twitter effective marketing tools, but lag using mobile

eMarketer’s recent story regarding the use of social media marketing by small businesses reaffirms what most of us knew. And that is: Not only are small businesses aggressively adopting Facebook, they are getting results, too. Facebook is rated as at … Continue reading

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Are there better times of the day to display an ad on a mobile device vs. a desktop PC?

The ComScore graph indicates that phones and tablets see their relative news consumption highest in the morning and in the evening. During the day (probably while at work) the news consumption percentage for computers is highest. Remember, these are not … Continue reading

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