2013 German American Fest – How to travel safely and enjoy!

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Know the Ohio OVI LAW

 UPDATE! IMPORTANT PARKING CHANGE – Bar 145 Shuttle!Please use the Hobby Lobby lot. Do not use the former Cinema lot. National Amusements will have your vehicle towed! #GAFtoledo

The German-American Festival offers a real deal for those who don’t want to drink and drive.

Take a Black and White cab to one of their nine shuttle locations. Get a receipt for your ride.

Go to the shuttle location and buy your ticket to the GAF — at $1 off the regular price. Ride the shuttle to the festival, and you won’t have to wait in line at the ticket booth!

Present your B&W cab receipt at the GAF’s Guest Services Booth, and they will give you tickets for $5 worth of food and drink.

Enjoy the festival, take the shuttle back, and call a cab again for a safe ride home!

Download the full page for QR code readers, HERE.

If you would like the FULL Edition of the 2013 German American Festival edition, download it HERE

Safely enjoy the German American Festival!

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