Majority of U.S. QR code scanners earn $100K+ and younger

QR Code to Blade's reach video

14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes on their Mobile Phones in June 2011

 Newspapers/Magazines and Product Packaging Most Likely Source of QR Code

 QR Code Users Most Likely to Scan Code while at Home or Store

More than half of all QR code scanners were between the ages of 18-34 (53.4 percent). Whether this observation holds true for the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan area, we don’t know. However, The Blade can report that the number of people who have clicked the QR Codes in the newspaper for movie trailers surprised us. We didn’t expect the volume. This is one of the reasons we have expanded QR Code use to our sports and other content.

comScore’s research found the target demographics that most businesses intend to reach with higher incomes in the 25-44 age group was in the majority.

QR Code scanning audience






Source: comScore






Source: comScore

Additionally, most viewed QR Codes at home.

The Blade has the expertise that we have gained from our experience with QR Codes to assist our advertising customers to generate reliable QR Codes for newsprint and Web ads.

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