Why attend local Toledo Area Exhibitions or Conferences?

Toledo Area Business to Business Expo 2012
PHOTO: Toledo Area Business to Business Expo 2012

Many business people are wary of attending conferences, expositions, trade shows, and other seemingly time wasters in an already packed schedule. In these lean times, the absence of any employee from a small business would be a major loss of supervision, productivity and perhaps even sales.

I know this from experience. A few years ago (Well, maybe more than a few years…), I worked with hundreds of family-owned suppliers of durable medical equipment and welding equipment. The industry segments these family-owned firms represented had a rapidly-changing (for the 1980s) government regulation challenge, along with technological changes.

To remain current and relevant, many of these small business owners, company officers, technicians and even a few lobbyists were attending expositions and trade shows across the United States. I remember meeting  fellow Toledoans in Denver and Atlanta, to name only two locations. The small business owners I met understood the need to continually learn more in order to stay up-to-date and gain an edge on their competition.

I hope, like them, you understand how critical networking is in today’s business world.

For Toledo area business leaders, marketers, and owners, the TAB2B Expo 2013 (Toledo Area Business to Business Expo) is a FREE and proven Toledo area resource. Last year’s TAB2B expo was so popular, organizers had to move the venue this year to The Pinnacle in Maumee for more room.

The Blade will be there with one of our new digital marketing programs, Reach Toledo.  Despite the title, this event is relevant to any businesses in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan. We’ll be featuring our new service and giving away some great swag.

I hope you’ll join me June 19, 2013 for this year’s TAB2B Expo . Stop by The Blade booth to say “hello” and learn more about Reach Toledo. The event runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. so it shouldn’t be that much of a disruption to your work day. And the payoff will be well worth your time spent out of the office.

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