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UPDATE May 3, 2013: The (Toledo) Blade’s Kirk Baird shares another reason why #business managers/officers/owners attend @UToledo‘s @uhrtdgtl 5/10/13 – Set a digital example for your employees Win an iPad at The Blade’s booth!

“Digital media.” How many times have you or your associates seen or used that term? If you are like me, then you have heard it more than enough. But what does the term really mean? And how does it apply to your business?

The University of Toledo is offering the community a day devoted to this area at the May 10, 2013 “uHeart Digital Media” conference . Organizers have gathered an  impressive group of industry experts to share their experience and knowledge.

So Why is The (Toledo) Blade sponsoring this event?  Despite its 175-year-old history,  The Blade is continually working to help its employees remain up-to-date  in the ever-changing media world. Our mission is to most effectively use the latest digital technology and strategies to provide the best media products/product mixes to our news audience and our advertising customers.

The uHeart Digital Media conference is about business communication. All businesses are publishers. The theme of the uHeart Digital Media conference is “Pushing the boundaries of publishing, creating and deploying content strategically.“  Today, businesses have to tell their stories to a more sophisticated, and digitally immersed consumer – your customers and prospects. Legacy advertising still has its place. However, shouldn’t you consider more digital engagement with your prospects and customers?

Here are some of the questions that can at least be better understood  after attending: “What are digital communication best practices?” “What are the latest digital communication technologies?” “Do I or my designated “social media expert” or marketing person know what others are doing and which digital media strategy is best for my company?”

Still not sure whether to attend?  Check out some interviews of some of the speakers conducted by UT’s vice president of external affairs on WJR, News Radio 760.

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Fill out a form at The Blade booth and register for our free Online Visibility Audit for your company or organization. The Blade’s Online Visibility Audit includes a three point inspection and consultation, and includes a reputation audit.

Also, we have some free gifts, so stop by get your swag, and enter to win an iPad. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Scott McIntyre says:

    Thanks for the article, Paul. Much appreciated. Also, if you have room to cover it, we are throwing a social mixer after the conference featuring some of the same speakers as judges for a business pitch competition. This will be the first in a series of events hosted by UT Business Incubation, my office. Here’s the link. Let us know, and thanks again for the coverage:

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