QR Codes in newsprint need supervision

QR Code to Blade's reach video QR Codes are all the rage. The Blade uses them on many of our news, arts and entertainment stories. For example, movie reviews now include a QR Code that takes our Blade audience (used to be ‘readers’) to the movie trailer video. We do the same with our weather page, so that you can get close to real time weather updates from your Blade newspaper. AND there’s more to come.

We have been successfully displaying our advertisers message using the  same technology. However, there are advertisers who furnish their own copy. Unfortunately, some have failed? Why? There are specifications for publishing QR Codes in newsprint that many don’t take into consideration. Let us help you and your company with those before you try QR Codes. We can make sure that they work for you.

With the right content and the professional expertise that The Blade has, we can help you or your agency to conceive and execute a successful QR Code advertising campaign.

Walt Churchill’s Market wanted their ad audience to be able to use smart phones to “like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter. The Blade was consulted and we were able to make certain that the QR Codes would work with our newsprint.

Here’s the result:

Walt Churchill's Market QR Code adSo, please call, or email Paul Hem paulhem[at]toledoblade.com 419-344-0775 for more information.  We will enhance your advertising reach!


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2 Responses to QR Codes in newsprint need supervision

  1. linkblots says:

    some basic best practices that you need to follow.

    #1 Mobile-optimized landing pages

    #2 Value exchange with the consumer for scanning (mobile coupon, discount offer, unique content, etc)

    #3 Use a QR code campaign management tool to create, manage and track usage (to improve the user experience!)

    The FREE QR code campaign management and point-&-click mobile web page builder at http://www.linkblots.com does all this and more – you should check it out if you are looking for a no-risk way to enter the QR code and mobile web space as a business.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some other considerations for newsprint. Is that covered by your program/process? If not, then the code may fail. I may have buried my lede (newsroom spelling). The reason I’m posting is that some of our national accounts have ads where the QR Codes fail -- some ads for their mobile apps on our Web site are failing, as well. The Blade needs to be involved.

      An associate and I have been working on QR Codes for news stories and ads since October of last year -- not bragging because other areas of the world have been using QR Codes for years. :)

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