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Obviously, there is some disconnect between a few ad agencies and/or many advertisers with the more than 36% of the population who use smartphones. For some strange reason, many agencies and/or advertisers fail to use a mobile landing page when they place an ad with a QR Code in a newspaper. A digital ad on The Blade’s news Web site or newspaper should link in a way that detects the prospective customer’s browser and then redirects to mobile-friendly content, like a VIDEO (hint hint), or a mobile friendly coupon or Web site. Again, mobile friendly.

Here’s why

It is an inconvenience for your target market to have to manipulate your content to make it work on their smart phone. If you are trying to sell something, then please make it easier to see your offer. If a prospect is mildly interested and scans your QR Code, activates your link and it is difficult to display, then they will probably just skip it and do something else while waiting for an appointment with a hair dresser, doctor’s office, bus or whatever…

The numbers

It makes sense to carefully look a little closer at mobile strategy. The Blade can assist your business to jump forward to harvest the benefits from mobile interactive advertising.

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2 Responses to Disconnected – Businesses and smart phone users

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my LinkedIn connections suggested that The Blade’s sales force should take control of the situation by selling the QR Codes as a service and offer The Blade’s expertise to our customers. We do. However, some agencies/customers create QR Codes that fail or point to content that is not mobile-friendly. We have no chance to screen them before publishing. I am hoping to draw attention to this problem and offer The Blade’s expertise to our customers and prospects. A QR Code is a great way to add video, smart phone directions, text marketing campaigns, and more.

    I am very concerned that prospects and customers might try them in another publication, or slip them into an ad printed in The Blade. Then, if that QR Code fails then the client abandons this valuable marketing tool that will position them to better communicate with their target market.

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