eMarketer: 92.5 million online coupon users by end of 2012

Yes. You read the headline correctly.

92.5 million! That’s closing in on a third of the population of the United States.

A poll by Ipsos found that 27% of respondents preferred receiving digital coupons and deals as opposed to getting them offline, compared with 33% who still preferred print versions. Of those that favored digital, eight out of ten said the convenience of digital deals made them preferable, especially their direct delivery to email inboxes. Seven out of ten liked the ease of management that digital deals offered, saying they facilitated comparison shopping and were easy to share.

Prefered methods of delivering coupons

The Blade has more ways for advertisers to display coupons than any other media in the market.

- QR Codes used in The Blade newspaper can be designed to display a mobile friendly coupon landing page. And that’s the best of both worlds – something that no other media in the market can match. 60% of the users depicted in the graphic, above, would use either digital or print for their source of coupons.

- The Blade’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are also great platforms for your coupons. Of course, the eBlade is already displaying weekly advertising of great prices from the area’s retail outlets.

The Blade has what you need to succeed with online and print with your coupon campaign.

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