QR Codes: ‘Retail, technology sectors most frequent users of codes’

The numbers are rolling in. QR Codes are are driving prospects and customers to brand sites.

eMarketer leading industries using QR Codes

Now is the time for your business to start using QR Codes in print ads. Don’t forget that Majority of U.S. QR code scanners earn $100K+ and are younger

From eMarketer

“Although there are several different types of 2-D barcodes, the open-source QR code remains the advertising industry standard with almost 90% market penetration, according to Competitrack. And advertisers appear to be deciding on a case-by-case basis whether they need to explain to their target audiences how to use mobile barcodes, which generally require a dedicated code reader app. Earlier research has found that, though many consumers may not recognize the trade names of such codes, they know what to do when they see one.”

“Only 4% of print ads in the US contained 2-D mobile barcodes in 2011, but their use is growing, according to advertising tracking firm Competitrack. A February 2012 report by the company found that well-planned campaigns put mobile barcodes in attention-grabbing places, and then gave customers a clear call to action to lead them to content.”

The Blade has been a leader in assisting our advertising customers and agencies to use QR Codes in the most effective manner to reach their target market with content that will motivate them to further engage and buy.

Content is king. QR Codes can make your ad in The Blade interactive for your target market by offering video tutorials, ‘how tos’ so the target market learns how to use your product to achieve their goals, a Google Map with directions to your place of business, and a “text to win” campaign. These are only a few of the ways that QR Codes can be used.

Give The Blade a call at 419-724-6350, we can help to make your advertising results meet your expectations.

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