Print lives, so says social media magazine author

The Social Media Monthly cover

I was surprised at the news of a social media print magazine, The Social Media Monthly . However, when the editor of the publication begins the introduction of his new creation by writing “…first print (yes, print)…” in his first sentence, then uses the remainder of the first paragraph explaining why print is better, DELIGHTED would be an understatement of my reaction.

Here is what I saw.

What really geeks me about this is the fact that I have been working with The Blade’s newsroom and advertising group during our QR Code development and implementation. Rather than go on and on explaining QR Codes, just let me say that they allow The Blade readers to view videos, sign up for text message contests, dial a phone number, by using the newspaper with their smart phone. “Reading” is no longer the only way our audience can use our ads and news stories. Now they can watch a video, dial circulation or customer service, sign up for text alerts.

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