Are there better times of the day to display an ad on a mobile device vs. a desktop PC?


Morning and evening seem to be the time more people use mobile devices

The ComScore graph indicates that phones and tablets see their relative news consumption highest in the morning and in the evening. During the day (probably while at work) the news consumption percentage for computers is highest. Remember, these are not absolute numbers. The Y-axis is percent. However, we can derive from the graph that while individuals use a multitude of devices, they tend to use their tablet devices to consume news at the highest rate in the evening. Again, since this is a percent, we can’t see which device is used the most, just the relative news consumption percent for each device.

Retail advertisers may want to promote different products by taking into consideration of the higher percentage use of mobile devices for news consumption in the morning, during the day and evening.

Business to business advertisers may want to look at the fact that people are heavily engaged with news consumption during office hours. It is possible that even businesses that rarely advertise may want to consider advertising their engineered solutions to their target business prospects at the time most people are at work. Certainly, a SIC code study for the areas in Ohio and Michigan that The Blade covers would provide an idea what industrial and office supplies prospects would have an interest in.

The Blade offers multiple platforms for its audience. Not only does The Blade have a top-rated Web news site,, but also iPhone, Android, and iPad apps that advertisers can use to engage with their target market. It is also worth noting that The Blade’s Android app works well on most of the Android tablets, as well as the smart phones.

The Blade’s newspaper is a great vehicle for engaging with mobile device users through the use of QR Codes..

What do you think? How would your company or advertising agency use this information?

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