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I attended a LinkedIn “Connected in NW Ohio” group meet-up recently. Bob Koenigbauer, the group’s manager did a great job organizing this very successful and well attended event. I’m looking forward to working with Bob on his next group get-together.

My conversations with many members of the group had to do with inexpensive and quick ways to promote your business. The Blade’s upcoming small business lift campaign where we offer toledoblade.com and print advertising at a more affordable rate seemed to be well received. However, besides the obvious LinkedIN social media marketing opportunities, there is one very quick and free way to get your business noticed – using QR Codes.

There are a couple of things to remember that can help make your QR Code use successful.

  • The QR Code MUST point to mobile-friendly content – MUST. Please don’t point to your Web page unless it fits well on the small screens of smart phones.
  • Use a short URL. – goo.gl is free from Google. You have to have a gmail account, though.

Of course there are other considerations, but mobile friendly is the most important, in my humble opinion.

And it’s easy to be mobile friendly. One way is to just point to your Facebook fan page for a “like.” Ask for the like on the message with the QR Code on it.¬†Another way is to record a YouTube video and use the link to that as the QR Code. Please try the code, above to see a video that I uploaded to YouTube – of course it is a Blade pitch. And another is having the QR Code point to a coupon or “Text to 123456 for a discount.” Just put your cell number in place of “123456.” Most QR Code generators that can be downloaded for free are capable of creating a text message on a prospect’s smart phone, or address book contact information, etc.

Where to put them? Do you have a brick and mortar store front? Use your laser printer and paste it in the window. Obviously, it has to be large enough to be seen from the sidewalk and street.

Business Week has a short article about using QR Codes for your business.

Also, I have written about QR Codes on this blog.

Please feel free to email me at paulhem[at]toledoblade.com or message me on LinkedIN

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